Atse Yohannes IV Museum has been painted White

Mekele is the seat of a historical palace called Atse Yohannes IV Palace named after the famous King who ruled Ethiopia from 1872-1889. Emperor Yohannes chose Mekelle as the seat of his government and built his graceful palace, still intact, in 1870s. The palace now serves as a museum. The Emperor’s throne, royal bed, ceremonial dress, rifles and many other valuable historical collections can be seen in the museum and the fantastic throne of Atse Yohannnes IV made by the Italian engineer Giacomo Nareri in 1874 is the eye catching centerpiece of the museum.

Original Atse Yohannes IV Palace

But recently we have learned that this eye catching centerpiece architecture has been painted white as it shown below.

New paint of Atse Yohannes IV Palace

This is a serious matter and an expalanation is needed. We are contacting responsible parties and we will be posting their response asp.

Thank you
Tigray.net Editor

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