About Us

tigray.net is an Ethiopian online Educational, Tourism, and Technology Resource website was founded in 2000 by A.T. Areki originally as an outreach project of the TOESPN (Tigrai Origin Ethiopian Students and Professionals Network) Group.

TOESPN beginning in 1999, created a foundation of worldwide e-mail and web networks so that each member of the group able to communicate through technology and share information and news among them. TOESPN main objective is to create a strong network among Tigrai origin Ethiopian students and professionals and encourage in giving back to their origin Tigrai. TOESPN supports several community projects through professional volunteer work and publicity.

Tigray.net believes that the Internet Technology makes the world smaller and smaller. The ability to communicate and exchange information and across distance has enabled more individuals to participate in the Internet /cyber technology building a nation toward development regardless of their locations. As a result tigray.net purpose is to foster educational, and benevolent activities, to preserve and advance the Ethiopia culture, customs, and language using an Internet technology.

Tigray.net supports the development of technology and appropriately skilled people for industry to improve Ethiopia’s global competitiveness. Tigray.net performs such kind of task by providing resources and mechanisms in support in the areas of technology, Economy and education; and contribute to the increase in the number and quality of people with appropriate technological skills for industry.

Mission Statements

  • tigray.net advocates and emphasis to narrow the social and quality of life gaps between our country and developed nations, by creating interactivity among Ethiopians. Especially in the aspect of education, tigray.net presents its call to all Ethiopians all over the world to strength the quality of higher education and to extend their help financially, intellectually and in other form of helping mechanisms.
  • tigray.net provides educational, social, historical, and political issues to Ethiopian community in the Diaspora and inside Ethiopia
  • tigray.net advocates in enhancing and improving the image of Ethiopia (politically, economically and socially), by encouraging global participation; by providing a forum for discussion; and by raising awareness on the Internet.
  • tigray.net provides information to the general public regarding productive and progressive Ethiopian culture, economy, politics and education. As a result, people will be informed about Ethiopian development in the aspect of education, economy and culture.

A message from the founder

As member of the TOESPN group I took a pride to contribute my share to help my origin country – Ethiopia by creating an online presence to promote one of the objective of TOESPN to the Ethiopian community in general, Tigrai community in particular. As a result, I have launched tigray.net in 2000.

Since its inception, it took me quite a time to do the research, find pictures, contents, writing, and to do all the web development work myself. However, I am grateful by the success of tigray.net in providing information to the general public regarding productive and progressive Ethiopian culture, economy, politics, and education.


  • tigray.net has been advocated in enhancing and improving the image of Ethiopia educationally, politically, economically and socially.
  • tigray.net has been encouraged global participation, provided a forum for discussion and raised awareness on the Internet.
  • At the time of Ethiopia-Eritrea war and then, tigray.net defended Ethiopian interest by providing historical facts and exposed the EEBC’s crime of injustice, the complicity of the UN, and the betrayal of the International community against the Irob people in Ethiopia. Furthermore, tigray.net criticized aggressively to the Ethiopian government for not being transparent.
  • At the time of the TPLF split and then, tigray.net partially focused on political and national issues of Ethiopia and provided a discussion forum and writers café to it’s netters to exchange ideas freely and openly.

For the last five years (2000 – 2006) tigray.net has brought experience, commitment and a rigorous, balance approach to the problems of our country development and able to find a solutions by raising awareness on the Internet.

In the future, tigray.net will continue its service especially in the aspect of education, tourism and technology tigray.net provide leadership in Tourism promotion, Education communications, and technology by linking professionals holding a common interest in the use of education technology and its application to the learning process.

Finally, I would like to dedicate the work of tigray.net to:

  • My beloved brother Tegadelay Mulugeta T. Areki who sacrificed his life for his people freedom and justice

    Tegadelay Mulugeta Teka Areki

    Tegadelay Mulugeta Teka Areki

  • The social revolution

A. T. Areki
TigraiNet founder and Web Editor